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I am a self-diagnosed Beyoncé addict.
I study International Politics.
I live in London, UK.
I really want a French Bulldog called Frank to accompany my Pug named Milly.

This is what I look like:

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"The Aid/Trade Debate: Africa and globalisation"

Public Debate at LSE (London School of Economics) on the 31st of October.

The aid versus trade debate has formed a key part of the academic discussion around African development and economic growth. Professor Devarajan will give his perspective on Africa and globalisation.

Shanta Devarajan is the chief economist of the World Bank’s Africa Region.

Eric-Vincent Guichard is the chairman and chief executive officer of GRAVITAS Capital Advisors, Inc.

If anyone in London wants to go, let me know because I’d much rather go with someone than alone.

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